When it comes to deciding which job to pursue in their adult life, adolescents often find themselves not only inadequately informed about potential jobs outside the common grid, but are also facing a great deal of gender specific stereotypes such as "craftsmen careers are for boys" or "fashion jobs are for girls".

The game "like2be" aims to destroy these stereotypes while teaching juveniles about lesser known career paths and life concepts of the modern working world. It, thus, helps them develop a deliberate view on their career options.

By putting the player in the position of a job placement officer, the game asks her to question applicants about their education, qualifications and expectations of their future work place. The player then has to assign them a job from the currently available advertisements, which best matches their personal assets. Unfortunately, she does not have all day to interrogate potential candidates and each answer consumes precious time. With the clock ticking and the files piling up, the player must choose swiftly and well which questions are most likely to deliver the crucial information needed to decide over a suitable match. If not, she will have to deal with badly assigned applicants again the next day.

The game was developed in cooperation with LerNetz for the University of Bern's Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies. It was released as a first draft in September 2016 to test-run it out in the field and scientifically evaluate its intended effect. As the project found great favor with the target group, teachers and other parties involved it is planned to undergo an extensive overhaul to adjust the content and generally smoothen the interaction with the game, in late summer 2017.

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    Browser, Windows, Mac OSX

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    September 2016



Browser, Windows, Mac OSX