The Unstoppables

When her guide dog gets stolen in bright daylight, Melissa and her friends turn into The Unstoppables, four super heroes with special skills and powers each bearing a weekness: They all have a handicap to deal with in every day life such as blindness, cognitive impairment or being chairbound, but in this dire hour they unite their powers to concertedly overcome these constraints and make their…

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The Wunderglasses

When little boy Max finds a pair of magical glasses while playing in the park, the world around him turns into a spectacular and ludicrous place whenever he dares to put them on: Pink poodles, levitating ice cream and a giant jack-in-the-cupcake are just a few of many miraculous shifts in the new enthralling universe he encounters. "The Wunderglasses" ("Die Brille") is an…

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MoneyFit 2

Over the last months we've created a game in cooperation with LerNetz for the MoneyFit platform run by Postfinance, Switzerland. The game aims to train the player's resource management skills by having her choose from a growing stack of resource consuming and attribute boosting activity cards while she works up her way to become a talented and famous star. To play MoneyFit 2 you need to register…

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Imagine you are a bus driver and it is your duty to keep your bus on time and your passengers happy - and in control: Some block each other's way, some leave their garbage on the seats and others even set them on fire. And of course, everybody wants to sit in their favorite (clean and not burning!) seats. Sounds like a challege? Sure does! That's why Swiss PostBus Ltd. walked up to LerNetz with…

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